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Hotel NH COLLECTION SEVILLA (4 stars exclusive ; 100 metres from the venue of the Conference) :

Hotel NH SEVILLA VIAPOL (4 stars ; 200 metres from the Faculty of Education / venue of the Conference) :

Hotel NH HESPERIA (4 stars ; 1 km from the Faculty of Education / venue of the Conference) :

Hotel Melia Sevilla


Cheaper accommodation in Seville:


Hotel Regina (located in the city centre):

circa 45 euros per night, including breakfast.


Pensión (Boarding house) Nuevo Pino (located in the city centre ; individual rooms, with private bathroom) :

circa 28 euros per night (the breakfast costs 4 euros).


Pensión (Boarding house) Giraldilla (located in the city centre) :

circa 26 euros per night.


In general, all hotels and boarding houses located in the city centre of Seville and other areas of the city are safe.

Public transport from the city centre to the venue of the Conference is easy and fast (taxis, buses and tram).

It could be also interesting to explore accommodation trough websites such as


In Seville there is an impressive offer, in general with good prices.

Please check policies of your institution regarding financial issues, in case you are funded for accommodation (some institutions don’t accept receipts from this kind of websites).


Further information about travel and accommodation and a registration form will be added soon.